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Dear Customers,

I am still running JDL For Leather in memory of my loving husband John Doorbar the founder of JDL For Leather, I hope you’ll give me the same support and I will do my best to continuing on his legacy.

Thank you and best wishes to you all.


J.D.L. For Leather



See our new product in the Braces section of the product list. We use the best quality lightweight leathers to create coloured stripes on a black soft leather backing and we supply various lengths for a range of heights.. Choose from red, blue, yellow, white or black and stand out from the crowd.

John & David


The new range of padded restraints is proving to be very popular affording a more comfortable secure products and is now available as a complete set, see the bondage section.


In addition to the increasingly  popular pinwheels we now have added a new range of finger mounted pinwheels to the family. See also the new scratcher and claw.